.:Kamerakunst mal anders:.


Long time, no see.


But here are two wonderful photos from my wonderful, beautiful, awesome Betty/Belle *-*

She’s so damn awesome and I love this black&white effect on her. She’s an visual artist (photographer) too and I love her so much.

Thanks my love for these wonderful time. I miss you.

.:LBM/MCC'14-Sunday / Full gallery:.

I promised it, here’s the link.

Thanks to all of the models. I love your cosplays and I hope you’ll like the photos I took.


.:LBM/MCC’14-Sunday Part II:.

Soooo~ My last photos for the next time.

Hope you’ll like it.

Thanks to all of the models, you were so awesome.

Thanks a lot n_n

The link to the full gallery will follow in a few minutes.

Have a nice week. Love you.

.:LBM/MCC’14-Sunday Part I:.

Part I of the last photos. It was so awesome and I miss them all.

Hope you’ll like the photos.

The Link will follow after part II. :)

There will be some LBM/MCC’14 Sunday pics soon, I’ll promise.

And sorry for my not activity D:

And sorry for my followers that leave me.

LBM/MCC'14-Saturday / Full gallery

My full gallery, HAVE FUN :D

.:LBM/MCC’14-Saturday Part II:.

And here are my friends *-* (yes an m<self <-<)

I love you so much *-*

.:LBM/MCC’14-Saturday Part I:.

Here’s the first part with some impressions of LBM-Saturday.

We had so much fun and the cosplays were so awesome. Thanks to all *-*

Full LBM/MCC'14 / Full gallery

And here’s the link for the full galerie, have fun :D

.:LBM/MCC’14-Friday Part II:.

And here’s the second part. These are photos from my friends and myself.

Hope you’ll like them :D

Link will follow in a few minutes (for the full galerie) :D