.:Kamerakunst mal anders:.


On sunday we had our flour shooting and we had so much fun.

Thanks for all my models. It was not easy, but we got it.

And I’ve got a sunburn D:

The weather was too good xD

Yeah enjoy the first impressions, the rest is under progress.




Our new babies *-* 
Omg they are so adorable.
And I’m sorry for being inactive these days ;A;
But there will be some photos in next time, I’ll promise.

.:business card:.

My business cards arrived *-*

Omg I like them more than my first ones. It looks sooooo goood. Sorry xD

I will give them to the cosplayer I photographed *-*

I’m so excited. Next con is Cosday in frankfurt, stay tuned.

'Business card'

I thought so many hours about the new design of my ‘business cards’ for my photography/my art… And now, after 2 hours of working at the computer i’ve finished them *-*

I like it, ‘cause they are simple but says: HEY! I’m a photographer, look behind for more informations ;D

Sorry, I want to share that with you guys.

I’ll order them now and I’ll use them first at the cosday :D

Stay tuned.

Today’s my best friend wedding and maybe I can took some photos. This will be my first time of wedding-photography ./////////////////.

OMG I love my cutie >3<

She’s so adroable and awesome and look how cute she is *-*

Thanks for this awesome day in Berlin and for these awesome photos of you.

I love you Honey. <3

OMG I’m so sorry for being non-active D:

But I’ll promise there will be some cool new photos in next time.

More results from our awesome Jellal Fernandez and Kaworu Nagisa Shoot and some new.


some new photos will come

Yeah… I took some new cool cosplay-photos from my husband on friday *-*

The photos will come next time, I’ll edit them in the next few minutes/hours.

For my stalker: There will be photos from

1. Jellal Fernandez  - Fanart - from Fairy Tail


2. Kaworu Nagisa - Casual - from Neon Genesis Evangelion


Stay tuned.


Long time, no see.


But here are two wonderful photos from my wonderful, beautiful, awesome Betty/Belle *-*

She’s so damn awesome and I love this black&white effect on her. She’s an visual artist (photographer) too and I love her so much.

Thanks my love for these wonderful time. I miss you.

.:LBM/MCC'14-Sunday / Full gallery:.

I promised it, here’s the link.

Thanks to all of the models. I love your cosplays and I hope you’ll like the photos I took.